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Hi all. For anyone who subscribe to Angela, Paul, and other packets. Is there a tool that can be used to recheck if any of the links have been deleted over time (by the sites admin).

Besides bookmarking each link, is there an automated tool to recheck if the links are still there?

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    There is a Index Checker tool but i don't think there is a specific one to check if the link still exists and not removed by the admin.

    An unindexed link isnt gonna carry much value anyway.So,index checker should do the trick.

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    Thanks Apo. I will certainly try this.
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    Hey Guys, I'm actually developing this app as we speak. It will be ready shortly. It will work perfectly with my 'Index Checker' app. There will also be no issues with any pages being blocked. It will just take a list of urls and then report back with the results. It will also tell you if the links are nofollow.
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    Thanks Banks. Will give that a try, makes a ton of sense to see if the packets are worth the time over the long term. I get the feeling if you use them a couple of months after they come out you will see better results.

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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