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This seems to be a dilemma for me. I have a new blog with only about 10 articles right now, all researched and written by me. The niche is a very difficult one. My articles are not filling material, they are decent quality. But I need links and inbound hits.

Should I continue to post my new articles to my blog or put some out to goarticles or other article directories? For some reason, I hate the idea of putting my content out on some other side. I don't pump articles out very quickly and value each one I write.

Please help me rationalize a good choice considering my situation. Article submission or content building?
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    Why wouldn't you put all your original content you created on your site first, then start giving them out to article directories? Once they have ithem they will syndicate them out to other sites anyway. Yours should be first.
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    I also "hate" putting content somewhere else, but then i also dont like having dupe content, regardless whether people say it doesnt matter. The solution: Write more a articles (or let them write)...and a part of it is for the own site and another part for EZA etc. Or rewrite articles. Yes, its always work involved but its worth it.

    EZA/Article marketing is too good to simply ignore. It has good traffic AND it builds good backlinks. So i always do both, content on site and on article directories.

    You could also let your articles rewrite, rewrites are usually way cheaper than articles from scratch, and if you're lucky you find someone who does it for $2-$3/article.
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    I know how you feel. You will have to buy some content and then post that content to ezine articles. If you post your original stuff to eza then eza may out rank you in the serps for the term your targeting.
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    You need both. What I do - with my new sites at least - is I have 3 articles made - one for EZA, one for Go (because they allow affiliate links in the text), and then one for the site. Then I have that put into spin format, and run senuke and jetsubmitter on it.

    If you're trying to get a site ranked you need content and backlinks. The more content you have, the more LSIs you will have, and the more you will look like an authority. You have to have the backbone of massive, solid content for the whole backlinking strategy to work.

    As an example, if you have a one-page 'sniper site' on 'bone cats widgets' you might get ranked if there's crappy competition. If you have a site that deals with cats, widgets and boning, the backlinking efforts will improve exponentially.

    The point of what I'm saying is that you need both. My suggestion, and what I do, is I have original content created for EZA, GoArticles, some of the paid sites, and then I have a spin-formatted article made, and I throw that through SENuke and JetSubmitter - this is probably a more grey-hat type method, but it works.
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    EZA does not require high quality content, I mean, they require minimal levels, but that's not even remotely high quality content. I suspect you don't speak English as a first language, so that's cool, but the fact is EZA will accept almost any kind of trash that gets submitted. It's pretty hard (well, I assume it is, at least) to get turned down from them.
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