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Hi Guys,

A quick question for all of you. This morning I woke up and discovered that one of my client's sites who's inbound links I've been monitoring (by using the SEOBook Firefox Tool) was suddenly showing about a 1/3 of the indexed inbound links that they previously had been in the Yahoo Page/Site links tools in my SEO Book browser.

At first I assumed that many of my links had suddenly been removed. But soon i noticed this was true across all the sites that I monitor. Almost all of the are showing somewhere between 1/2 to 1/3 of the links that they previously were.

I haven't seen any significant rankings changes, so I'm assuming that maybe Yahoo is going the way of Google and starting to not so openly disclose all of the links that they index?

Am I imagining all this or has anyone else been noticing this phenomenon? Thanks!
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    Yahoo's backlink data is really poor because they often indexed duplicate links hundreds of times. That's why looking at the number alone isn't very telling. I have sites for which Yahoo shows over 300 links from the same blog. Blogs tend to be dirtily constructed and leak links all over the place. Imagine if I was to lose that blog's link, suddenly it would seem like I lost 300 links in one day. Bottom line, don't stress about link count too much.

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