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Do you think that bulk E-mail marketing is still an effective tool for promotion?
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    IN my opinion if you have really good and responsive list, this can be almost the best promotion tool. You can make a lot of sales with only one click.
    Of course it's not so easy to make that list
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    Of course it is, moreover, if you build decent relationships with your list it can be a very serious income source for you.
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    Yes, also, in my opinion it's better to have smaller list but responsible one then a huge some huge list where you can't make 2 sales.
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    Marko - I totally agree. We get caught up with # of email subscribers (and now the number of Twitter and Facebook friends), when really it comes down to quality and having a targeted list.

    I was able to build two lists in the last several months in two several niches, one list was close to 10K and another over 24K and I struggled to make a dime. Whereas I built a smaller list around ~400, that is more targeted and focused and they purchase from me consistently.
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    Yes, your mailing list is one of your most valuable asset.

    It has worked for the past 10 years and will probably be still very effective in the near future.

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