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Does anyone have any info on a keyword difficulty finder which can possibly show the competition for a keyword/s ???? Please help.
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      Thanks, I have used this google adwords tool to get keywords. I have a list of keywords and alternate keywords searched and the number of times within a month. What I am looking for is something alternative to the site is currently down due to server problems. This site I would then enter the keywords from google adwords tool and it would tell me the difficulty in competion for whatever word I was inputting. Any suggestions for an alternative site ???
      Keyword Difficulty Check Tool - SEO Logs
      keyword difficulty check tool, keyword, kw. Tool will allow you to see how difficult it might be to rank for specific keywords and keyword phrases. This tool is based on a score that is derived from the keyword saturation in the major search engines. This tool assigns a rank out of 100 possible difficulty points ( 100 being the most difficult) for how difficult it would be to rank in the top 10 for the given keyword. The tool also shows the top 10 listings from Google
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    I found something , just in case anyone needed help like myself.
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    In my opinion, you have yo use
    The best free keywords tool.
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    I kind of made a similar thread about conducting keyword research a while ago, you might wanna take a look!

    And as for tools, I have SEnuke, which is helpful.

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      There was a Ninja tool, which people recommend often, cant remember its exact name
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    dude just download the trail of market samurai

    after it expires the keyword research tab stays functional, so you can still do what you are asking

    and plus you will 7 days to use the rest of the features in the mean time

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    Go download the free version of Traffic Travis.
    It has a keyword check tool.When you put in your keyword,it will tell you either the top 10,or top 20 sites on the first page of google,or the other 2 top engines.
    Then it shows you there tags,age,backlinks,ect..
    Then after its done,it gives you a rating from 1 star to 5.And tells you weather it will be easy,or difficult to rank for that keyword.
    Plus it does a whole boatload of features of all the top paid tools,for free.
    I have and use this.Its really unbelievable for free.
    I also use the free version of MS.But you cant check for what your asking in the free version.
    I will be your Digital Assistance for cheap.PM me.
    I can help relieve your work load.Pm me

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    Download SEOQUAKE for Firefox. Search for a term and it gives you the PR, backlinks, site age, listed, etc. A good peek at the info they give out will give you a solid idea on the keyword difficulty.

    Another option is MarketSamurai. Paid $100 for it, but its a valuable too if you are looking to get serious on these type of services.

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    Simply go to
    Hope this helps...
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