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I wish Google would start policing the use of the <nofollow> attribute.

From time to time, I get natural links from decent pages. But they're nofollowed, despite being actual, honest-to-goodness reference links of the sort that Google should be paying attention to.

How about, in addition to letting us report spam in their index, Google lets us report abuse of the nofollow tag?

Oh, and I'm not talking about some user-edited page like Wikipedia. I'm talking about a great page of professionally-written content that Google seems to think is worthy of a high position in the SERPs.

If it's worth putting on the 1st page of G, isn't it worth following the links?
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    no follow is helpful not just for backlink issues...the traffic it gives back that leads to conversion is one of its benefit
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    No Follow and do Follow only matters if you care for Pagerank and PR matters only when you want to sell links.

    Even Google says that PR is not an important part for SE ranking.

    For me, whether i get dofollow or nofollow does not matters, all that matters is that i am getting links.

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      Google could care less how people abuse the nofollow

      It's up to people to spread the word on the nonsense that
      webmasters believe, putting nofollow on everything.

      Nofollow has nothing to do with indexing, crawling, etc.

      It just does not pass PR. That's it. Was intended to be put
      on sites like blogs so instant link posting that does not get
      moderated and gets spammed, will be of no value.

      Many many, many people have taken a made up tag for google
      only and morphed it into something crazy.

      Eventually google will not count links on blog comments.

      Eventually the nofollow tag will be a moot point.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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