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I just went through Google and can't find an answer (also googled my question) - no dice.

Anyway, I am personally building an informational mega-site...I will be sticking some adsense on there (I have other sites that have adsense on them as well) - and then I got a thinking (which could be dangerous ).

I'm thinking about creating another mega-site - but this time I set up the site, and get a writer to write about one of their favorite subjects. This writer (hopefully) will write a lot of pages and I'll do the on-page optimization. I'll do some promotion as well. We'll then throw adsense on them.

Here's my question:

Is the writer allowed to open an adsense account and I can put the adsense code on my site? This will be on the same host as my other websites (godaddy).

I'm afraid that Google will see my websites with my adsense along with the writer's site (being under the same hosting account) but with different adsense code.

Just wondering if Google is cool with this or not - I couldn't find an answer - hopefully, someone can help me.

I hope this makes sense.
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    If you want to let other people make adsense earning from your site I don't know why the big G would care. Adsense code can be put on any 'approved' site.

    Not sure I understand why you'd want them to make the income from your traffic however rather than using your own adsense code.
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      Its probably okay to do.

      Look at it this way:

      If you had a reseller account and you were using it to host your own sites as well as other peoples, your friends site could simply be hosted by you under that account.

      Even if you were not a reseller, you could still just be hosting the site as a favor to a business partner, friend, or family member.

      There are lots of situations where you might be hosting someone else's website on your own account. Google would not have enough information to warrant banning your account.

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    You can have different adsense accounts on different pages of your site, you just cannot have adsense code from separate accounts on the same page.

    It is how the revenue share work with sites like squidoo and others that let you put your adsense code on your pages.
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