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I recently got slapped by adwords for having what they consider a "bridge" page. In hindsight, they were completely right, I was directing traffic to my page with the sole purpose of trying to get people to go to my CPA offer. What affiliate doesn't.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I submitted a second site to adwords for review, and they told me that it was a "low quality comparison site". Let me just say, this is complete BS, with over 30 pages of unique content, very few affiliate links, and a great site structure, it was far from low quality.

And on top of that, there are like 150 other websites I see doing the same exact thing in various niches.

But what are you gonna do when God doesnt give you the blessing right?

Anyway, I want to run a test, and start this website in a new account, but under a different domain.

Since my exisiting site, the one that was banned, has been indexed already by google, will this be considered duplicate content?

Do I need to start all over, with a completely different site and content?

Any Suggestions?
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    Hi AdwordsGuy,

    Yes, you need to start over with a different site and content. And not the same type of site, you need a site that meets Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Without seeing your site, I cannot say for sure all that may be wrong, but it is not measuring up to Google's minimal expectations and the same content will likely give you the same troubles.

    One of the things Google has been doing lately is responding to the FTC crackdown on websites that recommend products in exchange for commissions. The FTC has deemed this practice deceptive unless it is fully disclosed to site visitors that you are being paid to recommend the product.

    Additionally, if your website does not offer value beyond your affiliate offer, then it is not considered suitable for the AdWords program. Your website must offer value beyond your cleverly disguised (or blatant) affiliate advertisement.
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    I used to make good dough with mini sites and Adwords. Build a site for a CPA offer, 5 or so pages of content, plenty of Buy Here links.

    Sometimes the ads would run for a couple of weeks, sometimes a couple of months, but sooner or later I'd log in one day and mu qualotu score would be a 1 and my minimum click like $10.

    All I would do is get a new domain name and then copy the site over as is. Build a new campain in Adwords, smae keywords, same ad, new domain. Again, 2 weeks to a few months and all was good.

    I did this for 2 years until Goog finally dropped the axe a few months back and banned me for 'thin content' sites.

    A few options for you here
    Try to figure out how to build a site that passed Google's ridiculous standards
    Focus on Yahoo and Bing for paid traffic
    Focus on SEO to get organic traffic

    I'm doing 2 and 3 for now. Also interesting to note that some of hte sites that got low quality scores in Adwords are now ranked on the first page organic..... How long before Google starts assigning a quality score to organic rankings? Scary thought!
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