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If you are after back links, and spin articles to post to various web sites, is there anyway to post them without doing it manually? I am sure that I have seen software to do this, but wasn't thinking about it at that time.

I am looking for something that will not cost me an arm and a leg, and not ready to consider any monthly fees at this time.

There are all kinds of software to do more things than I can imagine, but I was not able to find anything. I went to Google, but couldn't figure out what to search for, and lame tries I attempted came up with nothing.

I was hoping to find something that I could import my own web site choices into, if possible.
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    Are you talking about article directories or what?

    Something cheap is Incansoft's Web 2.0 bot that will submit to a bunch of web 2.0 sites. It depends what type of sites you're talking about, specifically.
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      I was hoping to find something that I could import my own web site choices into, if possible.
      Its far too challenging for a software app developer to create a application that is this flexible - especially considering wp - blogger and many other free web 2 sites are constantly changing their code to thwart spam and bot - and just general coding upgrades and updates.

      There are several bots that will do this ... ive created a couple.

      The best service Ive used for this is Niche Press Platinum - by rus sells - see wso

      since this forum views many of the techniques and tactics surrounding this subject as taboo - you can hit me up via pm to more chat ...

      In content links in blog posts - using spintax articles is my THANG ... automated of course
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    Hey Tim,

    Glad i saw this

    Check out big mike's icansoft products (one time fee and lifetime updates) and nice and cheap too.

    But then when you are ready to move onto monthly subscriptions (which i know for you will be soon) then it's UAW, SEOLV, SENuke etc etc

    Mark Blaze
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    Originally Posted by timpears View Post

    I was hoping to find something that I could import my own web site choices into, if possible.
    I'd recommend Allsubmitter then - You can easily program it to sign up and submit to just about any site you want it to.
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    Hey thanks to all who responded. This has helped a lot. I know Big Mike has a lot of bots and I was on his site just yesterday, but didn't think to look for this. O well. I appreciate your help.

    Tim Pears

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