Test your market with PPC.

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In another thread a couple of the posters mentioned testing your market with PPC.

If you regularly test markets with PPC, how do you do it? A quick, bullet-point outline would be great.

If this is covered in another post, or off-site article, let us know.

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    Create a PPC campaign
    Send traffic to a sales page
    See if it sells.

    If you don't have a product, make the button inactive and link it to an opt-in with a message that says something along the lines of "Sorry, we are currently in the process of relaunching X product, to be notified of re-release and gain access to subscriber bonuses, please sign up here"

    Or you can link the buy now button to an affiliate page.

    Either way, you need to track clicks to that buy button and see if people are willing to buy.

    If that works, and people ARE converting on the buy button, then you need to switch out to a squeeze page and build yourself a list. Provide them with good content and bust your ass to make a good product. Then launch it to your list. Then come to market with it.
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    Set up a campain, do a keyword research, set up conversion tracking... After a week or so you will see your ROI... that's it


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    this all seems so obvious, not sure why i did not think of it before joining here. It would actually be crazy to prepare a product without doing a test first. Who cares if you can not deliver it, run it for a week and just tell people sorry out of stock or we are having problems. When you finally go back up and are ready to take order email the people back and say sorry for the inconvenience we appreciate your interest in XYZ please click this link and receive a 10% discount for the product.
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