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When creating backlinks, do you vary your anchor text? or do you simply use your desired keyword in as many backlinks as possible?


50 links with the anchor text "basketball gambling"

or 10 with "basketball gambling site", 10 with "great basketball gambling", etc, etc

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    I only vary mine based on what keywords I'm targeting. There's a few different ones that I want to rank on, so I use one of them, depending on the subject.
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    I've tried both and I seem to get better results using the exact keyword I'm going for in the anchor, at least when I'm trying to rank for some specific keyword - but I would imagine that it wouldn't hurt to mix it up a bit

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    thanks for the replies, this helps a lot.
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  • Yes, if your are trying to increase your exposure in the search results for a particular term or terms. You will want to have as many backlinks as possible with those exact anchor text.

    Google determines search engine rank based on a variety of factors, however one of the most important factors is the number of backlinks with the exact anchor text.
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      You should have separate page for each key phrase you are targeting. All the links going to that particular page should have that keyword or phrase in the anchor text. There is no reason to send links to that page using different anchor text, all you are doing is wasting links.

      Now you do want to have a variety going to your site so what I do is send 80% of my links to my target page and 20% to my home page. If you have built your site around a few related phrases then your main page will benefit from the different keywords and the targeted pages will from having all of being the same. If this is done properly you can end up with a fair amount of indented double listings on the first page for your different sites or keywords.

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