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I've been marketing for some time now.

I do quite well online

But I could be doing better.

For the MAIN MAIN terms, my site ranks #2 and #3.

But what I have done wrong is this: I tried to rank for too many terms to my main page.

My main page is mainly a page optimized for maybe 5 terms. At the bottom of my site I have many links to articles. I have about 30 outbound links to articles on my site.

I thought these articles would rank for the long tail terms, but they've not worked too well.

Basically I want to do this over for my future sites.

What I want to do is make a site that has MULTIPLE landing pages. So -- lets say I have 9 killer terms that I want to dominate -- do I create 3 landing pages and optimize them all for those terms and then create tons of inbound links with those terms in them?

I basically just want a MAP of a killer site for SEO. Can someone route me to one?

Also, I feel some of my pages could be competing against each other. When they compete, do they cancel each other out and not really rank at all?
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    Hi oilman. Yes it is very possible to compete against your own pages. Each page should be optimized for distinct keyword phrases. Dont optimize multiple pages for same exact keyword variations.

    No matter what you do build links build links build links.
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    Lets say I start out with 9 keywords I want to optimize for . Would it be wise to set up 3 pages each optimized for 3 keywords.. and have the top potion of the site have the SAME info (sales pitch, etc)?
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    You just need to get more and more backlinks to get and maintain your rankings. but i dont suggest you multiple landing pages.

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