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I have just discovered that my niche has a massive opportunity for reciprocal links. I could spend all day on the net and still be getting more backlinks.

Although they will be low PR I will have loads and loads of totally relevant links which in my opinion could be better thank PR.

Has anyone tried this? Did it work for you? I'm bored of looking at high PR sites with nothing at all to do with my site.. It doesn't make sense from a google point of view.
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    I think they are of some value if used cautiously. Google says avoid excessive reciprocal linking, but does not say not to reciprocally link at all.

    I have found it of some benefit with some of my sites and I've also seen competitors use it to good effect.

    I would go for it
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    That's because reciprocal linking happens naturally too. There are some MAJOR opportunities with it and anyone who has been turned off by bad advice is really missing out.

    Search Engine Journal has a good article from '08 on reciprocal linking.
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    Some targeted reciprocals are good, but don't go nuts. Alternatively if you are from the dark side, you can get reciprocals and then a few months later delete yours so you get a one way backlink. Most people won't keep checking to make sure you still link to them.....
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    I've seen some websites do really stupid things. One of my friends has a high traffic blog with maybe 25,000 backlinks by Yahoo Site Explorer. He had like 100 blogroll links site wide on his site. He even had the same site wide blogroll widget used twice for a total 200 blogroll links. Obviously a really bad idea unless you like to bleed page rank.

    That being said, I have some blogs that have maybe 8 quality reciprocal links that have quickly gotten to PR4 without much else. Of course, in this case most of the other sites on the blog roll were PR4-5.
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      I've NEVER used a single reciprocal link EVER...because there's a lot of warnings out there against them.
      There are warnings about everything - but well chosen reciprocal links are fine. Many newer marketers don't bother with them but to me a list of "partner sites" (not "links page") that are quality sites in your niche (can be 2,3 or 4-way) carry more value than a bunch of spammy profile one way links.

      There are various ways to exchange links - and you probably are seeing it happen on many high-end blogs and sites you read without realizing that is what's going on.

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    Originally Posted by rhythmofthecosmos View Post

    Although they will be low PR I will have loads and loads of totally relevant links which in my opinion could be better thank PR.
    My finding is that getting links from relevant sites is more important than focussing on pr.
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    Time for my OCD repetition:




    ......ok I'm done now.
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