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Should I consider shortening my permalink structure? I have heard that google prefers to have your keyword tied closer to your root domain name.

For example:




My current structure looks more like the first one. Should I change it to make it look more like the second? Would it make a difference?

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    You'll probably get a good 50% / 50% argument here, with some people swearing by the first, other people swearing AT those people, others swearing at themselves and some swearing for the sheer sake of swearing

    I've tried both, and to be honest - in my experiences - your on-page SEO and linkbuilding strategies will overpower any boost/non-boost related to your link structure. So I don't think either of those would necessarily cause the roof to cave in on your site...

    My general rule is to make the site easier for the reader. Somehow Google seems to like this as well (though I have no data to support that). If you're only going to write a few pages/posts, go for the shorter example. But if you're looking to build hundreds, or even thousands of pages, go for the longer one. It'll keep things better organized and easier to browse.

    Just my humble opinion.
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    Usually, the rule of thumb is that you don't want to change permalink structure even if it's not optimal. If you do, you have to make sure to 301 redirect. Even a 301 redirect can cause a 10-15% drop in PageRank.

    Your thoughts are correct though. Closer to the root domain is better, but not if the link has been live for a long time and you have to redirect it.
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      It's a 50% 50% tie between using




      As someone mentioned here, I don't think changing this will have a major effect on your rankings as other On Page SEO factors and your backlinking will determine your rankings.

      Keep in mind that changing your permalinks is an easy way to cause a lot of problem with your blog. Be sure to install a plugin that will keep all your links alive and will redirect the old url's to then new ones using 301 redirect.
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        I don't think it would really make much of a difference. There are other SEO factors which are much more important. if you already have your blog pages indexed as someone else said, don't go changing it as it can cause some problems.

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    Awesome. I'll probably end up leaving them alone. Once again, thanks warriors.
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    well it really depends on the words in your domain name. If you already have "shoereview" in your domain, you don't need it again. With that said, I always go with /%category%/%postname%/ and just make sure the postname uses unique keywords.

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