How to convert bunch of Links into RSS feeds Easy?

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Looking for software or site something like to convert bunch of my links to rss feeds, something where I can load a whole bunch of links and convert them with a click of a button. I would use but feedlisting doesn't accept their links no more. Thank you!
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    yea thank you but Read my post, I know about but I can't use it I need something else..
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    thank you its a great site, but man FEEDlisting doesn't accept their feeds as well..need something else..
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    they're not accepted because they're autogenerated.. the is good for single links.. but I've got whole bunch..
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      You mean you have a lot of source feed and want to combined, filter with keywords and produced with single feed. You can try with Yahoo Pipes, this is good tools for this work, do not need other service.
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    XNice thank you for advise, very helpful..
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      Sorry, I am a newb here.. I was wondering what is the purpose of converting links to RSS feeds?
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        www .

        Forget making RSS feeds one place, uploading them someplace else, then pinging them. does it all in one space. It'll take your links, shorten/anonymize them, build RSS feeds, ping the RSS feeds, and drip them out on a schedule you set.

        @siahhongmarketing - When you make low value links like blog comments or profiles, often times Google won't find them. When G doesn't find them, your time and money are wasted. So what you do is package your links up in nice and tidy RSS feeds and G will find them all. A ping speeds up the process, and if you backlink your RSS feed some of the link juice gets transferred to your links.

        (Note - this is my service I wrote as a tool to get my own links indexed since the existing method was wayyyyy too much work!)
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    Have you tried using RSS Feed Generator and XML Creator online on, It's a really nice tool for creating a single rss feed from bunch of links and I use always.
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    Comments, Profiles, Pyramids, Bookmarks, Article Submissions, Web 2.0 Creation, & Much MORE
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    I have a question, once you convert your links to rss feeds, how many rss submission sites should you submit to?
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      Submit them everywhere.

      I use RSS Submit ( and it does a great job.
      Make sure you do the manual submission bit at the bottom/end ad these are sometimes the most effective sites to submit to.

      Also don't forget to post a comment about your RSS feed to Twitter and put it on some bookmarking sites.

      These also work very well.

      Hope this helps

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    There are so many free Rss Submit tools where you can submit your website free of cost and create huge links and very beneficial, i have tried and got success in creating, such as BulkPing

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    I have just checked Bulk Ping and it is simply a fantastic service. Personally, I like the URL to RSS service which is very good. Thank you for the great service!
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