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Hi All,

I have been working on a site for about 30 months now. The Alexa ranking of this site use to be between 400000 to 450000. But in the last 6 months its dropping at a very steady pace and now has reached 780321.

I have been using almost all the techniques out there, article marketing, directory submission, bookmarking, video etc. The only thing I have not done is a self hosted blog and forum posting as I am not familiar with the topic. I have been using these for almost all of the 30 months that I have worked on this site.

In July this year the owner gave me a new set of keywords to work with. I managed to get about 25% of them within the first 3 pages of google by now but the Alexa keeps dropping every single day.

What do I do to improve the ranking of the site. Please help.
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    I will say you need to focus on content and keep working on that. Try to slow down a bit on backlinking because that can be affecting your ranking. Good content is what brings up the Alexa rank. I used a Blogger blog and worked on it for 2 months and my Alexa rank was within 1,000,000 and it started at 20,000,000. It is going to 800,000 now and my US traffic rank is among 275,000 now. Staying on topic and choosing good posts titles will help you rank in the search engines. So, content is a big must and interlinking your posts is a great way to increase it as well as I saw this worked for me. Adding the Alexa widget to your website is a great way to track and in probably increase it as well.
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      Why do you care what your Alexa ranking is? Doesn't really mean a whole lot and it can be manipulated quite easily. I'd worry more about your search engine rankings and how much traffic you're getting.
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        It is not a officially a scam until it comes to paying out the prizes. If the prizes are paid to 'friends' and there are no real winners then it is a scam.

        This idea of having a site treasure hunt when visitors have installed the Alexa toolbar is quite old and yes it will increase their Alexa rating.

        Anyone can manipulate Alexa ranking if they really want to with this and hundreds of other methods. This is why anyone who knows what they are doing takes not the slightest notice of it !!
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    Don't care much about alexa ranking try to relevant backlinks and this will help you ion increasing backlinks..You should try to do posting on forums...The are really helpful in increasing the backlinks.
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    Alexa means nothing unless you are trying to sell your site - I have a site that gets 300 visitors per day but focussed on one country and Alexa is over 1 million. I have another site that gets 20 visitors per day and Alexa is 300k! Ignore Alexa and focus on providing a good experience for your visitors.

    Coming soon!

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      Keep doing what you are doing

      It is the actual traffic counts and the web page conversions that matter
      Your private web stats will reveal that information

      ALexa is only a rough guide to use when you don't have
      access to real web stats(because in most cases it is someone else's website)

      The Greatest Online Business is Your Own Local Offline Business - LocalWebIncome
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    Originally Posted by whughes08 View Post

    now but the Alexa keeps dropping every single day.

    What do I do to improve the ranking of the site. Please help.
    What are you actually expecting to happen if your Alexa ranking improves?

    Alexa is totally meaningless; Alexa is crap; Alexa ranking are useful for nothing.
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    great seo don't like the alexa just try to do good work leave alexa ranking
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    You either need to educate your bass that the ALexa ranking means nothing or get a new job.
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    Here is the five easy and simple ways to rank higher in Alexa:
    1. Install Alexa Toolbar Download and install Alexa Toolbar. If your browser is Firefox, you can either use the Sparky plugin (official Alexa toolbar for Firefox) or SearchStatus plugin. I personally use Search Status for the other nice functions like ability to highlight nofollow link, calculate keyword density, etc.
    2. Encourage Others To Install Alexa Toolbar This includes your blog readers as well as friends. The point is, it should be easier convert your current regular visitors to use the toolbar rather than getting new visitors that happen to have Alexa toolbar installed.
    3. Write About Alexa Ranking Posting an article about Alexa Ranking is a good way to attract more webmasters to your blog, most of whom have the toolbar installed.
    4. Participate In Webmaster Forums Again, most webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed. When allowed, make sure to include your blog URL in the forum Signature. Some interested webmasters might just click to visit your blog.
    5. Reload Your Pages Incessantly With your Alexa toolbar installed, read back all articles you have written, and try different searches, which in effect will increase the pageview count.
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