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I have a small site I built in XSitePro that I'm planning to move over to Wordpress.

At this point, I'm thinking I'll just move the existing pages over to Wordpress pages using the same page URL's along with a Permalink structure of %postname%.

Thus, a current URL of:

Would become in Wordpress:

I could then use a 301 redirect plugin to forward each old URL to the new one.

I'm concerned about the SEO impact of this, as some of the existing pages are indexed with decent PR. I've heard suggestions about using a permalink structure that includes the .html at the end, to keep the exact URL structure.

Anyway, what is considered best practice for moving a static HTML site like this to Wordpress, where existing pages are ranked well and SEO is a concern?

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    Hi Eldon, why would you want to move your site over to wordpress?

    If you have ranked pages, with decent pagerank, then why not leave it as an XSitePro static?

    I would be extremely surprised to find any improvement in rankings, by switching platforms, in fact, I'm 99% certain, the move would harm your results.

    If, you really do have a good reason, and free time to perform this, then I would most definately use the .html on permalink structures.

    My preferred method would be to keep the site, and introduce a wordpress site, on a sub directory.

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      Thanks Pete, I appreciate your input. After much thought and debate, I agree with you. I'm going to leave it as an XSitePro site.

      My original thought was that moving to Wordpress would make it easier to expand the site and add content in the future - but as you noted I can always add a blog and accomplish basically the same thing.
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