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My question is specific to writing articles UNRELATED to the site you are trying to backlink. If you write articles unrelated to the site your are trying to backlink, does this deduct from the power of the backlinks themselves? If you write an article that isn't related to the site you're trying to get back links for, should you fill the "about author box" with a lot of text relating to the back link to give it some context, or is it enough to just have the link with the keyword phrase as the anchor text? I guess what i'm saying is does the surrounding context of article back links give the back links any strength beyond the link text itself?

For example, is it enough to have: "Find examples at example.com" orr is it better to write a small paragraph about "examples" to give the back link some context? Does it add to the power of the back link at all to do this?

So far all my "author boxes" for my articles have just been "blah blah blah at example.com" very short
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    If the article is unrelated to the the site in the resource box then it will have really very low CTR (whether the resource box is descriptive or not)...

    If you have a article about weight loss and you have technology site's link in resource box then obviously visitors will not click on it because they are intersted in more info about weight loss, not about technology..

    If you have article on the relevant topic of the website then you should always make resource box as descriptive as possible.. Write the resource box keeping in mind that "Why visitors should click your link?" It increases CTR to a good extent..


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      Well i'm not worried about CTR at all, like i said it's just for backlinking my other sites to increase their rank. Hope it makes a little more sense now
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      This makes sense to me, but xfactor's adsense course teaches otherwise, he says to write about what interests you (i.e, dancing) and in the resource box, add the link to your site on yoga products. To me as a consumer, I would want it related but he doesn't teach this, any thoughts?
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        Well it's just his way of building backlinks. some people post on forums, some people do other stuff. He's not worried about the traffic from the articles at all, he's just doing it to increase the ranking of his other sites with backlinks from articles.
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          This is the million dollar question. Does relevancy count?

          Well most people tend to say yes however they have no actual proof to back it up and some people say no and they have something to prove it with. Have a look at this thread http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-...xperiment.html the result of the experiment was that relevancy had no effect.
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            Thanks everyone, just wanted to get your thoughts. Interesting as usual. Love the amount of information here.
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    There is no doubt that the text surrounding a link is extremely important to the quality of a link.
    Utilising the author box and filling it with a bit of information relating to the linking sites niche is very craft however this I feel will only improve the situation a small amount. The pages title, meta description, meta keywords will all be unmatched to the linking site and therefore reduce the authority of the link substantially.

    This is not to say it will make the link useless, just a lot less powerful.
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    so when building micro niche sites, is writing articles on other topics just for backlinks not a good idea? will these backlinks be worthless?
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    yes thats not a good idea at all.
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    You need to research the concept of relevance when it comes to building back links.

    I will recommend 2 resources:
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    Link building Video - wordtracker.com/academy/linkbuilder-webinars
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    The page should be related to the link that is on it ideally.
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      Originally Posted by sparckyz View Post

      The page should be related to the link that is on it ideally.

      yes ,if not ,i think it's not a good idea

      (this is my single thinking)
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        well i think i remember xfactor saying that's how he built his backlinks, writing articles on topics that interested him was easier, even if it had nothing to do with the sites he was trying to backlink. guess he was wrong. or perhaps i misread his posts
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    If you are worried only for backlinks then there is no problem in writing non relevant articles..

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    still you are getting links from articles, no matter it is irrelevant, google won't penalize you.
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