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I have an aged domain name - it's over 5 years old and luckily I managed to secure it through a back order.

I'm trying to get this domain name ranked in Google.co.uk for sell house quickly (quite a competitive phrase) however, using Posterous network I have been posting fresh content to site and been consistently building 70/80 backlinks per day via blog posts, forum, Q&A, article marketing via ezine, social book marks etc.

After a week, I managed to build a very good 325 backlinks and yesterday Google "slapped" me and decided to get ride of 170+ backlinks in one flash. I heard that this is normal, but can someone tell me if this was because I was building "too many" backlinks within a short period (one week) even though they were consistent or because of use of Posterous network "duplicate content"?

Your thoughts much appreciated.
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