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Just wondering. Which is better? Posts or Pages?
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  • Which is better? Phillips screwdriver or flat head screwdriver?

    It depends... on what you're doing with the page. "Pages" are used typically for "static" pages (about us, contact us, etc.) Posts are used when you want the "post" page to appear on the home page, in categories, in archives, on tags pages...
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      It really depends on what your doing and what you mean by "better."

      Pages in wordpress are meant more of for static content (about page, contact us) or for extended navigation.

      Also Pages do not have categories or taxonomy (such as tags) in pages which if used properly can help your seo and site's link structure. There may be addons that fix the issue but may slow down your site.

      For my content I almost always use posts which keeps things more organized.

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    Originally Posted by Shounak Gupte View Post

    Just wondering. Which is better? Posts or Pages?
    What is it that you are trying to determine to do between the two?
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    There is no better.

    In terms of organization, structured information that is, Pages do the job - You can have things organized. Say you have a worldwide restaurant site, the you can organize by type of cuisine e.g. myrestsite.com/italian/nameofrestaurant, myrestsite.com/vegetarian/nameofrestaurant, etc. Those pages will rarely change, so you use them as "static".

    Whereas you can use the posts to squeeze long-tail keywords, having something like myrestsite.com/Top-10-Cheap-Food, and pointing from there to your static pages (examples I gave above).

    Did it help?

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    What i mean to say is "Why use xxx product" can be a post or even a page. So should it be a post or a page. Which is better in terms of SEO?
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    If you ever had a WordPress specific question chances are they have a support document for it

    Post vs. Page « Support — WordPress.com

    Pages tend to rank better straight outta the box because in most themes, they will have a link from every normal page on the site. Unlike posts, your pages won't send out pings when updated or created. I believe the truth of the matter is both posts and pages can rank well depending on your back links.
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        Originally Posted by yukon View Post

        If you remove the ping-o-matic url from the WP-Admin, you should be ok to update a single blog post all day long (without Google knowing all the updates are happening) is that correct?

        You could always do a manual ping...
        That isn't correct. If you have a blog that's updated regularly, and has any kind of trustrank in Google's eyes, they will come back often whether you're pinging or not. Now they won't come by a minute after you post necessarily, but not pinging won't keep them away.
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    Thats why I do internal linking, just like wikipedia, so it dont matter, they'll both rank equally the same..

    posts wont get pinged again if they use the ping optimizer
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    Originally Posted by Shounak Gupte View Post

    Just wondering. Which is better? Posts or Pages?
    Hi Shounak, I expect you mean for search rankings since we are in the Adsense SEO forum.

    I agree that posts and pages usually serve different types of content. Pages are generally reserved for static content that does not change as often and Posts are usually used for your day to day content publishing (hence categories, tags, and rss all defaulting to posts and not pages).

    Also, though I agree with the idea that pages usually get quick link juice due to the internal linking structure of most themes, it certainly is highly dependent on the theme used. With CE3, its pretty easy to include a set of posts (recent, top, etc) on every post and page and that's the default on several of my Adsense templates to help with post to post link juice.
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    Both are better...it depends on the promotion and the quality of the web page.

    Guest post links are effective when they are contextual and natural!!

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    WP very easy setup and use
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    I am building a new blog targeting the Hispanic population, niche is weight loss. I am writing tips, tricks and suggestions as posts. I will write product reviews as pages. It is just an idea that came to my mind, if it works well for rankings I will let you know in this thread
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    You have to be really mindful with WP in terms of SEO for a number of reasons. Duplicate content is always an issue depedning on how you have set it up. If you are showing your full post on the domain/blog as well having a permalink that's duplicate content. Same thing with catergories. Make sure you make use of SEO plugins and use robots to prevent certain directories like wp-content from being indexed...
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