Please Advice Needed Regarding Content on Landing Page To Improve Keywords Quality Score On Adwords

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Hi ,

I am trying to improve Quality score of few keywords I have running on Adwords.

For that I decided to get few pages of content written around those keywords for my landing page, My question I am looking for advice regarding the Singular and Plural form of the keywords, Do you think I should ask the writer to optimize content for booth Singular and Plural forms or will an optimized content for plural work as good for singular keywords in adwords?

I want to bid on booth singular and plural forms in adwords.

Thank you for you time and for your advice if possible.
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    Please someone who might be able to help, look into this question, I need to put in my request for content and not sure about the keywords that I need to ask optimization for.

    Thanks much

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      The algorithm is pretty advanced. Even beyond singular and plural, things such as making money and earning income both help and actually make things appear more natural.
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        Singular vs Plural version of the keyword is not important so use whichever makes since from a reader's get a good quality score do the following: 1. Use keyword in your ad title 2. Use keyword in your landing page URL 3. Use keyword in your H1 headline 4. Use keyword 2-3 times in the body copy The above will get you at least a QS of 7/10 if not 10/10. You will then need to bid high enough to maintain a high CTR or else the QS will drop. QS is heavily weighted to CTR not keyword relevancy. Good luck to you!
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