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by ig77
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For the past several months, I have taken aggressive initiatives to promote my online service. After article marketing, creating link wheels and profile marketing, I managed to get my site to 59th position. However, it's stuck there. Inspite of continuing my efforts, it appears that it likes to stay between 55 and 65th position.

Do I need to change my strategy? Also, for my keyword that site is not listed anywhere in Bing. I wonder why.
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    Man, I'm really confused by all the sweat, blood and tears people are giving to get good rankings.

    I've never used article marketing, link wheels or anything like that.

    Just good old on-page SEO coupled with a good backlinking service.

    Heads-up for you: I highly recommend you invest in Daniel Tan's 'Rank Mover' WSO. This is all about on-page SEO and it's importance. Couple this with good backlinking and that's all you need.

    I know this works because I'm doing it all the time.

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      How are you doing the backlinking? Can you explain if you use software or do it manually?
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    I outsource all of my backlinking. Sidley who is a Warrior has a good service, you can do a search for 'Sidley' and read his testimonials.

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    You can only do so much on page seo for effect. The real work is purely backlinks but if you've exhausted your efforts then you need to move your backlink to the next level. Start contact high PR sites and find site wide links. Pay for it if you have to.
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    However ranking highly depends of the competition on your desired keywords, but you can try some other ways too. I mean don't concentrate only one some ways. Try to make backlinks for your domains from different quality websites.

    I love warriorforum. Computer Tutorials

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    quality Off page SEO and high quality content of your story. it is necessary to add some keyword for your site to attract more links.
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    Nothing is bad in SEO except for one thing: staying in the same position all the time.

    I would do something massive. Like, seriously MASSIVE. Or pay someone else to do something retardedly massive for you that is just so huge, it makes you feel retarded and half blind just by looking at it.

    You know. Something like that.

    Try the people on here.

    Backlinks Forum

    Or try this guy's guide:

    Backlinks Hydra by Terry Kyle: Number One Rankings Backlinks Revolution

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      Like seriously. Whatever you do, it better give you a seizure just to think about it.

      Brb having stroke.

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    I'll just say a couple of things.

    Don't go for useless/spammy backlinks. Google will favour you for having the top quality backlinks. In otherwords high traffic and well known sites. Always try to get relative backlinks. If the site your backlinking on isn't relative to your own site then don't bother getting a backlink there.

    hope i've helped
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    If that's the case, you might as well outsource your SEO work.
    High Quality Resell Rights
    & Resell Rights Products
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    It can often take 3 weeks to 3 months for the links to kick in and push you upwards. *Give it time* The search engines have to find all these links. It takes patience and more patience.

    In the meantime, you may seem to go backwards or be stuck, but you just have to give it some time.

    I would suggest as someone else did, to make backlinks for your backlinks, such as the linkwheels. Having some higher PR links never hurts, and this will help build those.
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      If you have done all you can for your SEO without moving past 59, you need to ramp up your efforts and hire people to do it.

      More backlinks over time is what you need and it is possible that your competition is building them at the same rate as you, which is why you are paddling upstream.

      Hire someone to do thousands of backlinks for you and push through to page one.
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        How do you make sure all your backlinks are indexed (other than ofcourse pinging them)?
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        These are not backlinks I did. When I pay for backlinking, sometimes it is a big package, and I don't know where all those links are.

        And then there is the time the links take to kick in and push you upwards, even if the search engine finds you the same day.

        I agree, Backlinking with a high PR page sure helps - if you know what to backlink.


        Originally Posted by yukon View Post


        I would never wait 3 weeks, let alone 3 months, to have a backlink that I created found.

        Backlink any low PR backlink with a high PR backlink & it will be found ASAP!
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    You could have send to many links to fast. Give it some more time and se what happens
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    Look at the links the people above you have and see if you can get links on some of the same pages. I've managed to climb quite a few spots in the SERPs by just looking at the backlinks of the sites I want to pass. Check them out using Yahoo Site Explorer and add links to all of the Dofollow blogs and forums you find. Keep a list of them so you can use them with all of your sites in the future.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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