Different Meta Tags for Different Pages?

by Wax
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Hey guys,

So let's say I have a website trying to rank for the keywords "download google".

On my index, I have

description="Learn how to download Google."
Now on the same site I have a contact page... should I adjust the meta tags to something such as

description="Contact information for learning how to download Google"
or just keep the same meta tags as my index?

My websites are quite small, 3-5 pages total if that helps. Static HTML.
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    Not to be the annoying prick that bumps his threads as soon as they reach the bottom of the page, but I really need this answered tonight so if anyone had any input I'd really appreciate it.
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    Personally I’d use different set of keywords for each page and not the same ones.
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    Use different keywords for each page, keeping it relevant.

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      Hello all,

      It is necessary to have different meta tags for the each page to avoid the complexity for the user also the easy to understands that provides you the information that you want to get.Also put keywords density for the page avoid spamming.

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        Thanks for the replies, do you suggest I keep the meta description the same and just change the keywords, or change both up on each page?
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          Every page must be unique.
          Change the meta description and the keywords.
          Change the Title for every Page.
          In the title must be the Keywords, too
          At the image alt description use the keywords, too.
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    Most SEO analysis tools will tell you they should be different so that's what I recommend.

    nothing to see here.

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      Since you only have a few pages on your sites, it shouldn't be too much trouble to make different tags.

      The search engines list pages of your site, each of them is a unique entry, so every time you make something unique, it would be good to make sure everything about it is unique.

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    The meta description should describe what's on each page and should be unique to that page. The meta keywords should be the keywords you want to rank that particular page for. I wouldn't spend a lot of time agonizing over it...Most search engines don't look at the meta keywords.

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