Pivate Proxies...is ten enough??

by derh
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I guess I need to use proxies for scrapebox....

Is 10 enough???
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    If they are free proxies you had better use a little more (may be 20) as they fail quite often.
    However, it depends on what and how much work you do with scrap box.
    If you do are using SB for personal use 10 Private proxies is enough. If you are providing SB commenting service to customers you need more.

    I am running SB using 20 - 40 free proxies daily (I use it for my personal use) and it's working fine.

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      Yeah 10 is enough for postings. I would still use the free proxies for harvesting and any type of pr checking, etc so you don't burn up your good ones and save your private ones just for postings.
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    It Depends on what you do, Probably 10 will ok with SB but my personal experience is more is better so i recommend 20-30, for postings
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    Thanks guys...

    Do you find that Scrapebox Really moves you UP in the SERPS????

    Sometimes is hard to believe..ya know

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    i'm finding hard to believe 10 will be enough to post to like 10 000 blogs?
    that's like 1000 posts per proxy, won't that be enough for akismet?
    But i'm no expert at scrapebox at all
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    hat does it mean when you say a proxy fails?

    Tim Pears

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      Originally Posted by timpears View Post

      hat does it mean when you say a proxy fails?
      This means the proxy goes offline or gets blocked.

      Basically you are bouncing your traffic off of another server (a proxy) and if the server goes down, or the server owner finds that theres a bunch of us scrapebox users tunneling through her server, then she might take it down or make it private. In any case, the proxy has then 'failed' and when scrapebox tries to use it the data it is sending gets blocked and ... well things don't go quite as expected.

      (space-time continuum problems ... you know )
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    It depends on the number of posting you would be doing. If you would like to do thousands of posing daily, the 10 might not really serve you for long. Of course, they would be enough initially.
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