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I'm at a point where I've written so many articles about a specific topic that I can't seem to come up with anything more for another good article. Have any of you written articles that were completely off-topic from the topic of your resource box links? I'm only using these articles for backlinks, so I don't think I should be too concerned about it, but I wanted to get some input from the Warriors. What I'd like to do is write a few articles about whatever interests me and pop in my 2 links for my completely unrelated site. I'm hoping to make this process a bit easier until I move on to another subject I can beat to death.
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    Any advice?
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    Author resource box links is referred to your biography that are related to your site and includes your keywords.
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    To answer your question, relavancy counts, even for backlinks. In my experience, using unrelated articles has a lesser effect than directly related articles that contain keywords related to the anchor text you use.

    That said, if you have some unrelated unique articles lying around, you may as well chuck some links in there and submit them because they definitely do work and I've been known to do that for a few of my own sites anyway.

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    I have written tons and tons of articles on 1 topic and linked to a completely unrelated website. It works to get back links but you aren't going to get any traffic from the article directories obviously. But for the websites I was linking to, they didn't need much more than a few links to boost them where I needed so it worked just fine.

    Be careful though, some article directories won't allow you to do this. EzineArticles will...

    I say go for it
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    Thank you for the advice and replies everyone! Good stuff and always top notch.
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    Hell yes, I learned this from XFactor.

    I'll for example write an article on my favorite and easy to write about topic, like Green Wedgie Widgets or Boll Weevil Bowling, and then my resource box will link to my tough to write about topic, for example:

    Harry Baldwin writes on many topics. For more of his deep thoughts, musings, and profundities, please visit Pan Fried Troll Appetizers and How to Clean Fish.

    Click though will suck, but if it's the backlinks you want, this works.
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