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Hello Warriors.

One of my clients today has said that they do not want an analytics tracking code installed on their site as they do not want the information to be leaked to a third party.

I am 99.9% sure that it is safe and that Google certainly wouldn't link it but just for my own piece of mind can anyone confirm this for me please

thanks guys.
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    We run the Google Analytics tracking script on all our sites and have no problems with it at all.

    The results are identified by a unique number, allocated to a specific website, and collated by Google. The only way to view the results (at least that I know of) is through the online Google Analytics tool.

    Being inquisitive, I have naturally tried to look at the analytics on domains that don't belong to us but Google has refused to show me their results. I am therefore guessing that other people are similarly prohibited from viewing our statistics.

    Google also allows you to specify your sector/niche and then compare your tracking results (at a broad level only) with other websites in that niche. It is a condition of using this that your own results are incorporated in the overall total for comparison against, but your domain name is never revealed.

    That's my understanding at least, although I am still learning this myself and definitely no expert.
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    I'm 100% sure it is safe!!!
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    This one is the best trackking tool you can found on internet. Google is adding more and more applications with it. I am finding it very interesting and helpful and with the status and location of my visitors now I am putting contain on my websites.
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    Personally I use Google Analytics for my site and clients site without any problem. Only those having id and password can view the statistic of the site. In case, you client really worry about that issues, try It offers quite similar features with Google Analytics, just it is installed on the your own web server.
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    Google Analytics is 100% safe to run on your website.the Tracking code is very safe to install in your source code.
    Google doesnt peep in to the website personally,obviously,they have their own Alog to do the job.
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      I agree. G Analytics is safe and private. There is absolutely no way anyone can look into your account unless you give them access by offering up your username and passwords or give them your Customer ID and then authorise them to look into your account. Outside of those actions your information is secure.
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    G analytics is safe unless someone gets your account info.
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    always been fine with me
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    I think you'd probably need to assure your client that its absolutely safe. I can understand their concerns as any use of free tools MAY have implications of data privacy issues. Try talking to them and show that portfolios of other big time clients that are allowing you to use G analytics..
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