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In wordpress, when you post, the date shows up in google, can you do away with this, I know you can edit the date, is this a good thing to do, or is it better not seen, Mick.
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    I always remove the Date code from the WP-Theme looks like crap in Google SERP, plus my content is legal downloads so dates are not important to my traffic.
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    Wondering the same thing myself with a new blog I just setup. On the one hand I agree it looks out of place and takes up space in my description, but I don't think it's doing any harm and if people see a current date they *may* think your site is more relevant than others.

    It should be easy enough to edit out of the code in your theme if you really don't like it though. Take a look at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/h...-from-my-pages if you need help with that.
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    Edit the theme Single Post code to remove, and make sure you back up the theme before you start messing around in there.

    Google time stamps the post regardless of your setup anyway. Site map, feed, etc.

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    The date in Google is when it first indexes the content although the date as text may show up as well.

    As for removing the post date from the blog itself, it's a matter of editing the theme you're using, using a theme that's already been modified to remove the date or using a plugin that removes the date for you.
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    If it's a Wordpress theme the php code for the date will be something like:

    PHP Code:
    <?php the_time('F j, Y'); ?>
    Back up the theme then make your edits.

    I think Google pulls that date (most times) from off the page.
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