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Hey everyone. I have a few questions. Just signed up with MaxBounty Network and trying to figure out what to do here. "The stupidest question is the one that is never asked".

1. Using Facebook PPC, what are the best type of CPA offers people are getting results with?
2. Are most people who are doing CPA offers having to create a 'sandwich' page between the ad and the actual offer itself? Most offers involve personal data entering (email, mobile etc.)
3. What does 'Network EPC' mean??
4. I'm not sure how to get my Affiliate URL from MaxBounty for some offers. Do I simply add my publisher ID in the preview link?

Thanks fellow Warriors.
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      Originally Posted by somacorellc View Post

      1. Look at the network EPC (earnings per click) to figure out what the most profitable offers are. You would then tailor your offer to facebook interests if possible: fashion, nascar, decorating, family, etc etc).

      2. When I ran my PPC ads I did not create a sandwich page. I just tested a ton of different ad combinations and permutations. I believe this is the way to go.

      3. Covered in #1

      4. No idea - I did my offers with peerfly, but I just put 'fb' in my link maker thingy to let me know where I got the clicks from.

      5. Make sure the offers you do promote on FB allow 'social ppc.'
      Thanks so much. That helps out a lot, especially really understanding why EPC is so useful. Anyone else out there using MaxBounty that knows how to get your Affiliate URL (with your pub ID in it?)??? :confused:
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    Here is the method I use for cpa on fb

    1. I find a fresh offer with high epc and a large customer base

    2. Then I do an alexa search to find out the demographic of people visiting the offer page, this is important because it allows you to have more qualified clicks coming through and will really help your conversion rate. For instance one offer i promote has over 60% of its traffic from women over 55. I dont waste my money targetting any one but women over 45.

    3. I then go to any number of sites and buy or get a royalty free image for my fb add. I personally like Corbis Images and Istock photos, just be sure to check the usage rights.
    I spend a fair amount of time on this part, it is really important to select an appropriate image. Try choose something different that will stand out. Always try putting yourself in the shoes of that 60% what would appeal to them?
    I have found that the image choice and head line is far more important than the add copy when it comes to getting impressions

    4. I then come up with a few different add combinations each with a different tracking ID's. Just remember to keep your text really relevant to the offer or fb will reject your add. They are really strict on the ad copy being relevant to the site. If they do reject your ad just change it a bit and try again. They will tell you why it was not accepted.

    5. I always set me cpc pretty high to start with and just set a low daily budget to save me from spending to much. Keep in mind you will never pay as much as you bid but bidding high will ensure you will get a view of how the offer will perform in a reletively short period.

    6. Place an order, wait for approval and then track yor results, obviously tracking is the most important if an ad is not performing well, dont flog a dead horse just stop running it and optimize the add's that are doing well.

    7. Play around with cpc and cpm until the ad is optimized for maximum profit.

    That is the exact method I use, hopefully it is of some help to you feel free to pm me with any other questions

    I hope you have some success

    Good Luck
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    NO **** David..this is valuable gotto charge for that...and I am implementing ASAP
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