Would a press release help?

by DavidO
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I'm trying to get my home page to recover in the search engines after I accidentally de-indexed it. You can read the details in my earlier post on this page but, basically, the issue is just how to regain the great SERPS and ranking that I had before the incident.

I've done all the usual things like backlinking, new blog posts and other fresh page content.

I wonder if a press release would help in these circumstances?

I've done several of them over the years. They don't do much to create lasting value but they do tend to stir up a quick frenzy of activity.

I sure can't think of any negatives in this.

Any suggestions?
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    It would take some time for the rankings to be up again.Press release would certainly help and the most important thing-how did you deindexed it????If you have sent any request to google then think again! You can send another request to google to index your website yet again.Check for any meta tags which are still there on the webpage,like the "no index" tag.Check all these issues and you would gain your rankings soon.

    Guest post links are effective when they are contextual and natural!!

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    Anything to create high quality new links to your site that appear to be happening on a natural basis can help.

    This could include Press Releases using services like PR Web.
    Video creations using services like YouTube & Daily Motion.
    Podcasting (largely overlooked) using services like Odiogo.com.

    There are a ton of ways to drive new traffic to your site which should result in getting reindexed if indeed you were actually deindexed which sometimes isn't the case though people think it is.

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      Thanks to both of you.

      What I did was to forget removing "noindex, nofollow" tags from a new index page that I split-tested. So I'm not blaming Google...

      However, I corrected it 8 days ago and since then I've done all sorts of backlinking and content creation.

      The page came back in the index but it's way, way back. I've lost all my Page 1 SERPs!

      What's bothering me is seeing no movement at all in the page over days now, even with everything I'm doing.
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    press release is a good way to get quality back links to your site.it is increasing your site ranking in different search engines.there so many free press releasing site are available to your site optimization but your content is must be unique.
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    Man! That stinks. If you keep doing the things that got you there, you'll be there again. Like someone else said, keep building high quality backlinks and you'll be fine.

    I think that, depending upon which press release site you hit, it could make a difference, as long as it's not spammy.

    We do mail-in iPhone Repair Services, Nationwide in the US. LCD/Digitizer Glass Replacement And More.

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    definitely press release will help especially if you submit them to do-follow PR sites.
    But you have to combine it with other seo techniques to have your site back again faster.
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      Originally Posted by seophils View Post

      definitely press release will help especially if you submit them to do-follow PR sites.
      But you have to combine it with other seo techniques to have your site back again faster.
      Have you had any luck with your press releases?

      I tried prlog last week, and it I can easily say it hadn't help me generate any immediate traffic. But time will tell.
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        I've done several press releases in the past. I work real hard to avoid it sounding like an advertisement. You need to come up with a unique angle.

        The short term effects can be a lot of traffic but it's not often buyer traffic. So don't count on a big boost in sales.

        But you can get a lot of quick backlinks and some of them become permanent, so it's definitely worthwhile in the long run.
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    Free press release sites like PRLog will not help you that much if you don't have any big and worthy content that people would likely to pass around. In terms of SEO, if I'm not mistaken, PRLog doesn't give you any hyperlink in the release body, right? so it means that only place where you will have backlinks is your main website address, which has no keyword anchor text, I believe.

    Paid press release like PRWeb is more worth it, in my past experience. It gives instant traffic (depending on your industry) and SEO benefits (I chose PRWeb package which allow several keyword anchor text in the body). My release ended up being picked up by Benzinga and Yahoo News, WITH the keyword backlinks intact.

    So to answer your question, YES. Press release will help, if you have the right content and keyword backlinks allowed.
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    Press Release is one of effective way to promote your site and drives traffic. The content must be useful and informative.
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    Press releases have made me so much money and has helped me get so much additional traffic. One press release site isn't going to do it. Submit to more.
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