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I use a tool for my seo. The tool is quite famous and mostly gives accurate stats. I came up with a new plan and I knew it that it already has enormous competition but still i checked how difficult it'd be to rank for the keyword. And the tool gave it a rating of "relatively easy". what makes it so unbelievable is the fact that I did the same analysis for 9 keywords and I can tell you without any tool that they are GREAT COMPETITION. Even in the analysis which came out, each page had thousands of backlinks. The only thing missing in these pages for the SEO principles was on-page factors. On-page SEO of these websites is hardly there. Its just the title and nothing else that contains the keyword.
Can on-page be so important? or is my tool nuts? :confused:
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    on page seo is very very important it is one of the main factor google is using to rank website in the top 10 position. that is why site with page rank zero but with good on page seo beat site with pr 3 . read more from "clickbump"
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    How would Google know what keywords are relevant to a site if the keywords are not on the page at least five times?

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    All/Most Tools are NUTS - because calculation of easyness ONLY using the number of competing pages is absolutely moronic. Many tools do that.

    Its utterly irrelevant how many "competing pages" there are for a keyword, or so little important that it hardly is relevant.

    What counts is the strength of the competitors currently on page #1 in Google.

    Dont let a tool tell you what to do and what to go for...if i would do that i would have NEVER made a weight loss site...and with very little SEO i managed it to rank to top of page #2 now for a extremely competitive keyword.

    The worst which can happen is that some tool tells you not to go for a niche/keyword...you are missing out on a great opportunity.


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