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Hey Everyone:
Just wanted to see what type of backlinking methods everyone uses. I have been doing all of my backlinking manually. However, I know there are some very top quality softwares for backlinking. I would like to hear how you are backlinking, manually or auto, and if you have found a high quality auto backlinking software that actually works, let me know. Thanks...
  • I definitely automate all my backlinking. In fact, I have staff to take care of the tools, most of them are in-house productions so they don't really have fancy names. As for the publicly available ones, definitely pick up scrapebox at least and sick submitter.

    As for what kinds of links, I stick to profiles, blog comments, web 2.0's, self-created mininets and some advanced things to put together a proper seo strategy. Turns out to be more time and cost effective than writing/spinning articles and the like. And no nofollow links
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    Scrapebox/Senuke all the way. No point in doing it manually.
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    I out source all my back linking

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    Social bookmarking to create backlinks. You could use Onlywire , Ping.fm....
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    Without any doubt the best automatic backlinks software existing today is SE Nuke. I suggest you go for it. Wish you luck.
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    • Originally Posted by Aki Fagno View Post

      Without any doubt the best automatic backlinks software existing today is SE Nuke. I suggest you go for it. Wish you luck.
      Without any doubt? Could you at least elaborate a bit on the why? I think it really depends on what kind of backlink type you want to automate.
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    You can actually do it manually or automated. Before I used scrapebox and bookmark demon.
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    Posting article on web 2.0 sites and Blog comment on related site. I do it manually. Is there any software for blog commenting?
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    there Is Lots Of way to make backlinks but its bit difficult to put you link in high page rank web site..mostly i use social bookmarking and directory submission for back links but Angela and pauls back links have worth as compare to other back link way
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    for me basically I hire a seo company to build the links for me as I am really very lazy... occasionally I will buy some packages from the warrior for hire and WSO section. I also subscribe to Tom's backlink booster in which I save all the URLs of my backlinks and upload to it...to get them to further be boosted and indexed..works well for me
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      I use a lot of tools but I also do it manually. I do forum posting, blog commenting and social bookmarking.
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    Is there any way to find backlinks of the most inexpensive and easy?
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    Social Bookmarking
    Social Networking
    Article Marketing w/ Article Towers

    Simply put backlinks work, but be sure to take care of your on page internal links too.
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    Free tools are not worthy, I do manual link building, has worked for me...
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      i do manual backlinking and commenting has worked me better
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    I make my backlinks manually. I never use any auto backlink software.

    I do...

    01. Blog commenting
    02.Social bookmarking
    03. Forum
    04. Article submission
    05. PR submission
    06. Yahoo answer, etc
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    Ingenuity, quality content and targeting serious websites that I want links from and approaching those websites, sometimes even for months, to get good links.

    The typical web 2.0 linking, link wheels and a devotion to social interaction. More retweets, more exposure, more possible linking.

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    I prefer manually rather than automatic and totally dependent on SEO techniques. I do Article submission, forum posting, directory submission, social bookmarking, video marketing and blog commenting for make backlinks as well as traffic too. But don't make links with huge sites which don't having any reputation. Make links with quality sites. I think 100 quality backlinks are more useful than 1000 casual backlinks.

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    I usually do social bookmarking and RSS feed. And I do it manually.

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      Backlinks inbound links to a web page or on the Internet, and this is also known as inbound links. A link back is an active link to your site that may or may not be followed up with a link back passively. Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines like Google, will give more credit to websites.
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    I do everything manually, and I don't have any one technique. Instead, I look to create a well-rounded "link profile." You can look at what your competitors are doing and take stock of the types of links they have, then figure out where you need to be.

    Always interested in news about Bing, SEO, SEM Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

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    I would suggest Matt La Clear's wso. It is very good.
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    I personally don't like tools for backlinks.
    I prefer to do everything manually.
    Quality is always better than quantity IMO!
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    It is very easy to make more back link. You just promote by submitting directory, bookmarking and you can also add signature on forums. This forum posting is effective to make back like as well as traffic.
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    Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Inbound links were originally important (prior to the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO).
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