The Google Analytics Mystery Solved

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Can anyone recommend some good tracking software other than Google Analytics?

I've noticed a problem lately where a lot of my traffic is showing as 00:00:00 for the avg time on site. I've done some reading and it turns out this happens when someone bounces off your site.

The problem is they could sit on your homepage for 20 minutes reading what they want, then hit the back button and it counts as a bounce and reflects as 00:00:00.

Here's the source: Average Time On Site 00:00:00 In Google Analytics? | Build And Earn

I'm sure your bounce rate gives Google all sorts of info you don't want them to know and can effect your SERPs.

So the question is does anyone know any other free tools? I know Statcounter is good, but they only allow 500 hits to be logged at once I think.
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    i think no one is better tracker than google analytics....
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    • I actually use HostGator and Cpanel and they offer pretty good tracking software for free with your account. I think I will use them for a while.

      My issue with GA is that you are giving them all sorts of data they usually wouldn't have such as bounce rate etc. In my opinion their bounce rates stats are wrong if someone can sit on your homepage for 20 minutes and then hit the back button and that counts as a bounce.
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      I think its great as well, once you are comfortable using it youre able to get a great deal of information on traffic from it. I am very happy I am using it.
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    I've heard nothing but good things about Clicky, and am seriously thinking about giving it a shot myself. As far as I can tell you could run that in parallel with Google Analytics. After all, I run GA and Wordpress Stats in parallel without an issue.

    You can find Clicky at getclicky dot com, and they've got a comparison chart vs GA, Woopra, etc.

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    i dnt think any1 wud be able to give competition to google analytics...
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