Should affiliate links be placed on site before or after site ranks??

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when building a site should I place affiliate links while building site or is it best to add affiliate links after site ranks where we want it ? I read where some people do it this way. Does this have an effect on how fast a site is ranked? Your personal experience or advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Any thoughts out there. Thanks
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    I build the site as a whole.....everything exactly how I want it when it is finished. then I begin marketing it. I have never tried the other way but I figure making the site the way you want it to begin with is best....
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    I say after a site ranks AND gets traffic.

    Here's the deal...Google looks at sites and tried to determine if they are "thin affiliate" sites, meaning sites that are built simply to get affiliate commisions and don't have much usuable content. If there's no affiliate links, Google can't consider it a "thin affiliate site".

    There's also a concept called "Hilltop", which devalues the links between sites that Google deems to be connected, or owned by the same person.

    As soon as you put the same affiliate info on different sites, Google knows they are connected, simply from using your affiliate ID.

    Also, consider the 80/20 rule...Your top 20% of sites you own will make 80% of your profits. So I prefer to wait and see which sites get good traffic BEFORE adding any fingerprints that will give away who owns the site. And then I only do so for the Top 20% that are making good money. The others I use for building link juice to the sites that are actually making money.
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      Kurt, thanks for the detailed reply. The way you put it makes a lot of sense. I never heard it that way in regards to google knowing your site is a thin affiliate site. So many people teach us to build the site from a-z then start trying to rank it.

      The way you mentioned to do it will allow good content(which google loves) to help get site ranking well. I also like to 20/80 rule you mentioned as well. I will adopt this model on all my new adsense sites and provide great content then place adsense blocks once the site has matured some and moved up in the rankings. Thanks again.
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