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I have three old blogs that I've written, all linked to each other. They're PR3, PR2 and PR4. The PR2 and PR4 ones are related to each other, while the PR3 one is on a different subject.

I'd like to link these blogs to my new new site, but not link back. The site is on an unrelated subject. Will this hurt or help my SERPs? My worry is that Google will see it as selling links or a linkwheel or something.

I've had the PR4 site linked to my new site for a few months, but I've been worried about linking the other two.

All links mentioned above are site-wide.
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    It will certainly not hurt. It will help although these sites are probably all on your 1 hosting account/class c ip so even if they were not reciprocal their value is somewhat diluted.

    Short answer though yes it will help, just not as much as other links.
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      Thank you.

      Yes, the three blogs are all on Blogger and are all on the same account. They all connect to my Blogger profile and my profile connects to all of them.

      The new site is on SBI!, so it's connected only by my name being on it and by my adsense account being on all four.
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