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Hey everyone!
I've got my farm website on a roll and I'm using both Adsense and the Affiliate program to monetize the site. Most of the links are text only and are incorporated into the text of my articles. (I only have one article where they are actual picture ads). I'm wondering if there are better ways for me to do this with Amazon and if using both will negatively affect anything with Adsense.

Also, I've got my Adsense ads placed at the top and bottom of my posts, and I'm thinking there has got to be a way to get a higher click conversion. Should I try a different format? Text links maybe? And should my second ad be placed in the middle of the articles? Should I add a third? I had planned on having one in my sidebar, but my sidebar got a bit out of control and is too loaded with internal links to areas of my site.

Whatcha think?
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    There is no single right answer. Basically you should try split testing and track the results. For one week, use just Adsense. For the next week try just Amazon. For the following week try both.

    I often find that I can play around with the types of links, colors, presentation, page position, etc and see different results for the same site.

    You may also find that different sites will garner a different type of audience. These different audiences will react in different ways. For instance a dog site I had years ago reacted better in terms of results when the links were near a picture of fluffy cute puppies as opposed to just text. Other sites were the exact opposite.

    Tracking is your friend!

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      from my experience the only time I have had problems because of an ad or link was

      1. The ad was irrelevant to the content (health page promoting internet marketing)

      2. Adult oriented, or get quick cash links have gotten a couple of pages de indexed (from links in comments)

      once these issues were resolved I got my traffic back
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      Cool. I'm going to try Adsense link adds and see what happens.
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    So, It means Mr rob, you are talking about Hit and trial method for this. Isn't it!
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    Okay, I'm actually going to try a picture only ad at the top, a link banner in the middle and another link banner after paragraph 4. Is it a mistake to do picture only? Am I more likely to get irrelevant ads?
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    adsense forever
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      Originally Posted by skooja View Post

      adsense forever
      I wasn't saying I didn't want to use Adsense, just wanted to know how to use it with Amazon to my best advantage. I discovered that the "picture only" ads SUCKED for relevance so I switched back to text and picture for the top banner and link banners for the other two. I'm still not thrilled with the relevance of the results, but I'll test it for a week or two. Not making much anyway, so it's not going to hurt anything!

      I've been working on sprinkling in some product driven articles that fit with my main topic to try and generate more clicks. I have noticed that I'm getting a number of Amazon clicks but no sales conversions. I'm wondering if they're taking away from my adsense clicks.
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    I have AdSense + Amazon on two of my websites and they are working fine together.
    My traffic is not huge at the moment but I get both AdSense clicks and Amazon sales.
    I use text links for Amazon and image ads for AdSense (in my case image ads are
    working better for AdSense).

    I definitely suggest trying 336 x 280 or 300 x 250 within your posts, could be below
    the title. And one such box after the post, before the comments. There is not a
    certain format that will work well for every website, that's why you should keep testing
    and find your own optimum format and spot.

    By the way, how is your name pronounced?
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