Warning! Wordpress Auto Tagging Plugins and Duplicate Content!

by Khemal
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Hi all,

Just wanted to share a personal (horror!) story about one of my sites that just got G Slapped last week (why am I smiling??)

I've had the site for about 6 months now and it's an EMD which was on the first page of Google for a 2 word hot keyword. The content is 100% original and I had 20 original posts on it. I've used the same organic (don't laugh) link building process that I've used on all of my other blogs that are doing well on Google's page 1. The only difference is that I tried out a plugin called Web Ninja Auto Tagging WordPress › Web Ninja Auto Tagging System « WordPress Plugins which was recommended to my by a friend who swore by it. Going against my better judgement I installed it and ran it against all my 20 posts. The plugin created about 15-20 tags for each post automatically and at the time it looked harmless.

Fast forward 2 weeks and my site dropped out of google! And I mean site:mysite and info:mysite brought back 0 results. Not good! So I looked into my google webmaster tools and found out that there were a lot of "pages" (250 or so) that seem to be active on my site that I didn't remember adding. Upon close inspection I found that every tag basically generated a page in the form of site.com/tags/tagname and that the majority of these "pages" had the same excerpt from my posts. This means that I had a large number of "pages" in google's eyes that had the exact same content (duplicate content!). So that was the #1 culprit for my site to be kicked out of Google (as far as I can tell).

I've since deleted the tags and the plugin and requested reconsideration of my site which takes a few weeks. We'll see how it goes but the moral of this story is, don't go overboard with auto tagging on your wordpress blogs or else you might get the business end of Google's 5 finger slap!

OK that's my rant for today!
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    Google has removed the site assessment by tag
    you should not worry because this
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      Originally Posted by besterz View Post

      Google has removed the site assessment by tag
      you should not worry because this
      Well I certainly hope they did. I couldn't find anything else wrong On Site. That's not to say that perhaps Google crawled a few of the backlinks and that raised some red flags. Wish there was a way that Google simply told you why they gave you the boot.
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    Hey I have a few of these sites too, and got banned too, however it seems now that China is hammering me with traffic, my one site did over 60G bandwidth last month even without Google. And the one site is now making around 10.00 a day from adsense from this Chinese traffic.

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    I actually recently started nofollowing my tags pages. This might help in such a situation, no?
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    I have no idea, however Google had a lot of pages indexed (I think like 30,000 pages) before they banned the site,and in that time they had a lot of traffic. I just left the sites alone, and they just got picked up by a few Chinese search engines, and have been sending me a lot of traffic.

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    Thanks for letting us know about the plugin.

    I have also had sites de-googled by using wp-robot and a couple of others...They are not worth it.

    I still use certain plugins like SEOpresser and have had no problems...

    Have a great day!
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    thank you for discussing this problem i had a same problem the content is coming along but also the originality is going down.
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      I found this thread on Google trying to find out about auto tags plugin. It seems i lost most of my traffic and not sure if i should just delete all tags or embed a 'noindex' tags in htaccess.

      It seems autoblogs, wp-robot and the like don't work anymore after Panda update...and sites which always had unique content will continue to dominate.
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