Where do you put your adsense on WP?

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Where do you think is the best position to put adsense on a WP?

and do you guys know about any good themes that are free to use?

love this forum, good people here!
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    BlueSense is the best theme for adsense. I get CTR 15% with that theme. Place the ads on themes default adsense spots.

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      thanks, any more themes available maybe?

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    A rectangle ad block within or above a post will work best. I believe Heatmap and Bluesense are both free; they're pretty good.
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    BlueSense is a good free theme indeed. When searching for free themes, clean templates work best for me, with limited sheet size, 2 column web layouts.
    However, I like preparing my templates using a paid software, artisteer, much more customizable
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    I installed bluesense, but the only problem is that it doesn't have the "pages" on the upper menu, i have a blog with traffic and I'm afraid that i will lose rank?

    edit:the question should be: will i lose seo if my "upper menu" pages move to the right into a "widget pages"

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    Bluesense is pretty outdated... I used it when I first started adsense but it looks really ugly now and I was able to gain the same CTR or better with simple themes made from artisteer. They also support the wordpress 3.0+ menus too.

    Anyway, good ad placement is top right or left with text around them. I have good luck with ads near the bottom of my post too for those who read my articles.

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    Place your adsense above the fold. People who are ready to purchase an item online will likely click on the ads shown by goggle. Additionally, I would suggest to use only 1 adsense block per page so your post looks clean and it wont intimidate your visitor. As for the theme, use the most basic theme you can find, something that will not create any distraction to your visitor. You want them to read your post or click on the ad.
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    I mostly place adsense above posts and in center of posts .
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