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Hi I'm relatively new to the marketing game. I'm considering coaching if anyone wants to PM me?

My strategy:

At the moment I have joined some forums. Where these forums have profile pages where you can insert your homepage I have joined them. I have then used 'pingler' to ping the link. My questions:

1. I'm guessing there's such a thing as irrelevant forums. Like CNET has a high PR, does it matter if I join this with a health niche website? Excellent if you run a technology blog. I joined this and pinged it but it's not showing as crawled yet in web tools.

2. Links in signatures. This is obviously spammy - is it worth the risk. If I join a health forum and start my advertising my blog in the signature - for a blog that for all intense and purposes is partly autopilot. I'm assuming some of the members here aren't experts across their whole portfolio.

3. Where it might be okay to post signature links (if people agree), should I ping these pages?

I included one of my blogs in my profile page where I've been an active member for years - and it produced one backlink page and 345 links, but it's in an unrelated niche. Is it worth changing my profile URL to reflect other sites in my niche - or is that bad practice? How does this affect your page rank.

Above and beyond this is it just as effective to pay someone to generate some decent links and forget this strategy, which is time consuming to say the least.

Responses much appreciated

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