Yahoo and Bing Merged or not?

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All of we know that Yahoo and Bing merged. But I can't get same result for Yahoo and Bing for my USA site.
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    Interesting - I was quite sure they had merged but indeed the results are different. Anyone have the latest scoop on what's going on?
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    In the US, Yahoo is displaying Bing results for English queries.
    If you are outside the US, you will still be seeing results from Yahoo.
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    yahoo and bing are now merged.
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    They are merged in some countries like USA and Canada i think. But i am not sure about other countries. This action didn't help them a lot too. Most people are using Google and some people don't know any other search engine except Google and they think search equals Google.

    I love warriorforum.

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    I think it is for usa results.
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    I haven't heard any more about it except they did merge. but my results are not showing the same for both. will have to read up on it to gain more information.
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    I think they use different way to calculating system. Otherwise it will not be different for same site.
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    I think Yahoo is powerd by bing right now.
    I checked in singapore without proxies. And used proxies from few other countries the results are powered by bing.

    scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you can see that the results are powered by bing(Powered by Bing™)

    Average total combined search volume share (bing+yahoo) represents ~28%. Not bad as well. I think it is a good time to start concentrate looking into bing.
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    They have the same API for using ads but often they show a few places difference for some results.

    So they are pretty much merged but have subtle differences.
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