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Is there any website which offers free backlinks.

Or is there any software or any other way to site and get free backlinks?
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    Write some articles, spin them then submit then to article directories.

    You can pay someone on the warrior forum to outsource the work for you.
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    Find some blogs that allow you to post a comment with a do follow link, or some forums that allow profile links. These backlinks are free (You can build links without spending money, but time)

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    There are plenty of options if you've got the time to put into backlinking. Try doing a Google search for "Do follow sites" or the like. Sites like followlist have lists of sites by category that will allow you to post dofollow comments. Or try posting in forums related to your topic that allow links in signatures.

    Be careful if you ever try to buy back links. Most of the "By 100 backlinks for $10" deals are scams on some level - often low quality or worthless backlinks.
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      most importantly keep back links relevant. I guess it's just a fact that I will have to reiterate this on a daily basis as new people come in. 100 back links from a totally irrelevant network won't do you much good.

      10 back links from highly relevant sites/networks will be much more beneficial. They may take longer to achieve but in the end will assist you much more in your goal.

      It's not as easy as just going out and buying or negotiating in some way a bunch of back links to your site. Even high PR back links don't really mean anything when it comes down to being relevant.

      If your site is about apples and you get 100 sites about oranges linking to you it's probably not going to count for very much other than your in the produce section.

      Bottom line take quality and relevance over quantity... Don't try and take shortcuts to the top. They are at minimal waste of your time and at worst can get you penalized
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    Blog commenting is probably the easiest way to get started. If you're using Firefox, I'd suggest grabbing the "Search Status" plugin at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/fir.../searchstatus/

    It will help determine which blogs are dofollow vs. nofollow, provide you with the PR of the page, etc.

    A tool like Scrapebox will literally save you hours of time. (As far as finding higher quality blogs to comment on.)
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    You can get backlinks from many ways.Simplest are forum profiles and blog commenting
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    There are thousands of websites that offer free backlinks. All you have to do is learn SEO and it will be easy for you to get free backlinks.

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    forum posting considered as live link while commenting can be live instantly or pending for approval..
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    Originally Posted by budwalker View Post

    do some comments on high authority blogs .. just make sure they are dofollow .. and oh one thing .. if they've got the CommentLuv plugin.. then you'll definitely get a linkback .. for free !
    How do you know which blogs are high authority? is there a list with them? How do you find them?
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