or is better for market research?

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Hello everyone, if you want to market a product in a specific country, example Singapore, normally you will search your competitor by Google or Google Which one do you think is more accurate? Thanks!
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    I find the .sg version more accurate, because it's specific for that region only.
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      Originally Posted by Bryan99 View Post

      I find the .sg version more accurate, because it's specific for that region only.

      I notice the weird thing, a lot of keyword when I search in .sg the competitors is far more than .com
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    .sg only for your region, while .com can handle the whole world
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    Definitely because your target customers are from Singapore so better to use .sg. Same as if you want to sale some thing in UK than you will really target the visitors from UK not from India.
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      Google shut down its Chinese Internet search service, on March 22nd 2010 and users visiting were redirected to their Hong Kong website,, leaving open the world’s largest Internet market, with nearly 400 million Web users for other players like Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

      Although Google seemed to have found a legally correct way around Chinese censorship, the repercussions have been obvious with various Google services like Google’s Photo sharing website Picassa & Google Mobile being blocked partially or in full.

      Freedom of content in Chinese internet industry is limited with strict government control leading to many web services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and later Google Docs being blocked which has created an uneven playing field for domestic & overseas players in the Chinese Internet Industry.
      Although Google was trailing Baidu in search engine market 63:30 it was far ahead of other competitors with market share in single digits. Google’s China exit has created opportunities in the markets that it earlier served in China. This report identifies the opportunities in the Chinese internet market following the gap created by Google’s China exit.
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