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I have a domain that is and I want to rank it on local google which is my question is.

1) Is it ok to submit article in .com domain on postrunner?
2) What would be the best tools or step will you advice?
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  • Profile picture of the author Deepikarajpal
    yes it is fine i also have experience of doing seo on site having extension and have very good result or experience on ranking that site on as after submitting my link or article to .com sites
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    Thanks a lot for the advice. Since im planning to signup for linkvana and postrunner just to get a good backlinks and I notice that they only have few .uk domains for the articles to be submitted.
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    I have years of experiance ranking sites in Google UK. Links are better coming from UK sites but not really needed for ranking purposes. Should work fine.
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    If you want ranking in, then try your SEO techniques using find out the sites with extension *.uk.try to post there.It will help to get better rank.
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    i think it is pretty difficult to find uk to post links on and i am in that situatio too as few of my site are only targeted to UK market so, i must do all work to rank there even it is difficult for me
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  • Profile picture of the author xlink
    I see thanks for all your help. Btw do you know any website like postrunner that has lots of .uk website to submit my article?

    Please do suggest some site linkvana and postrunner that has lots of .uk site.

    I don't want to waste my articles to be submitted on a free article listing. Its expensive to hire article writers.
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