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Info below.

online poker tournament

Main keyword target:
poker tournament strategies

If my anchor text 'Online Poker Tournament Strategies'

Will it still be as effective as anchor text of 'Poker Tournament Strategies'?

Also, it's interesting to note, that in search results, google views strategies and strategy almost identically in its listings. However, keyword targeting one 'strategies over strategy' will not help you in the overall listings.

This is presenting some problems because searching for 'Poker tournament strategies' automatically includes listings from 'poker tournament strategy' which is making jumping up the ranks on the pages difficult

Thanks in advance.
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    Originally Posted by spectrefax View Post

    If my anchor text 'Online Poker Tournament Strategies'

    Will it still be as effective as anchor text of 'Poker Tournament Strategies'?
    You need to make your decision based on the amount of time and control you have over your inbound link anchor texts.

    Do not worry much about the word "online" ( it is too diverse in this context. If it was something like "online gambling", or "online education") I would then take it into consideration.

    But with the subject you have described the information can be found online as easily as off-line so as I mentioned do not worry about the word "online" in this case.

    The main thing you want to do is mix it up in your inbound link anchors as well is your internal link anchors depending on how extensive your internal structure is.

    To start off let us look at the in bound link anchors Mix it up with a percentage roughly like this:

    50% 'Poker Tournament Strategies'
    20% 'Poker Strategies'
    20% 'Poker Tournament'
    10% 'Online Poker Tournament Strategies'

    This is not an exact science but I think this gives you a good picture of how you do not want to SPAM your primary search term
    "Poker Tournament Strategies".

    if your home page is dedicated to the search term
    "Poker Tournament Strategies"

    you will want basically 80-90% of inbound link's going to your homepage. I would suggest to allocate the remaining 10% to sub pages specifically targeting your sub terms so that you are not being 100% on your home page.

    20% 'Poker Strategies'
    20% 'Poker Tournament'
    10% 'Online Poker Tournament Strategies'

    once again this is not an exact science I am just trying to point out how you can spread out your link juice across a site without spamming out the home page. also keep in mind that you must capture viewers attention within seconds of them arriving on your domain or it will all have been for nothing. If someone searching for your primary search term hits your site and instantly bounces to the next site - that is not going to help you. You need to keep people on your site and the only way you are going to do that is by giving them exactly what they are searching for within the first few seconds of their visit.

    So do not neglect site design or graphics or other catchy elements that will capture the viewers attention. your target audience for this term is undoubtedly men by majority and so I would handpick a really pretty face to appear and cover approximately 25% or more of the viewers first impression. it does not matter that she has nothing to do with poker. Take a girl with large eyes, smooth skin, silky smooth hair, and a great smile and you will have captured your audience for a minimum of 10 seconds( which is a lot ) and will quite likely keep them on the site long enough for you to make your main presentation.

    do not get some bimbo in a bikini. Get a nice close-up headshot especially with the eyes. It is psychologically proven that the first thing men look at is a girls face( when viewable ). this strategy has worked quite well for me for many years
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    I don't generally encounter many issues with minor keyword alterations. At times they even benefit me by unexpectedly targeting broad search terms.

    That being said, I try to make sure that the first word I use is my primary keyword. I make sure my titles, link anchor text, headers, etc. start with this.

    For page titles there is a clear advantage to starting with your keyword. For anchor text, I suspect it is there, but I can't be sure.

    I do generally mix up my anchor text regardless (sometimes I intentionally just use the URL)- this ensures that my link building appears natural and not forced.
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    you need to rank the keyword "Online Poker Tournament Strategies" first and after that it will be much easy for you to rank " Poker Tournament Strategies"
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    Ya it will effective for you because it will cover both can make many keywords based on your main keywords it always help you in it.
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