Minimum amount of content required for placing Adsense Ads?

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I don't know if anybody has the answer but I'm wondering how much CONTENT does a webpage need to have in order to meet Goog's requirements for placing Adsense on that webpage...

I have some webpages on a site that has less than 100 words on it... but very relevant information.... basically i'm talking about webpages that have the contact details of certain dealers or manufacturers.

So yes some of these directory pages are less than 100 words in length but I'm basically wanting to know if I'm breaking the Adsense T's & C's by placing Ads on that webpage.

From my understanding blank webpages are a big nono.

Sorry to be a bit vague but anybody has the answer I'd be greatful.


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    Any takers? Any ideas?
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      You can go ahead and put Adsense on. As long as your content is relevant and useful. I have some pages with less than 100 words, and there is no problem.

      Lots of picture sites have very few words, and Adsense on them too. Pics count as "content" too.

      Just don't plaster the entire page with Adsense. There is a certain content:ad ratio which should be obvious the moment anyone lands on the page.

      Like for example if the entire page is covered with ads and placed in such a way to entice clicks, this is just asking for trouble.
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    Originally Posted by Captain Dynamo View Post

    ...I'm basically wanting to know if I'm breaking the Adsense T's & C's by placing Ads on that webpage.


    If you're worried about breaking the rules, why don't you read the rules?

    This is how people get into trouble, asking questions like that, then acting on answers posted on a forum. Worse, other people read it then repeat it elsewhere as 'authoritative' answers.

    Adsense Program Policies:

    Adsense TOS:

    There is no specific minimum number of words. Beyond being relevant, Google will point you to their Webmaster guidelines.

    Webmaster Guidelines - Webmaster Tools Help

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    Yeah I read through the T's & C's and program policies but couldnt find anything, why I'm asking. I've also posted the question on the adsense forums.

    Thanks for the answers guys... really appreciate it.
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    Doesn't sound like a problem to me
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    There is no such rules or policies, But i usually stick to 350 to 400+ words minimum.

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    There is no rule from Google you can get ads with out content or a little content.
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    Not really willing to hijack but matches my query as well. A blog that got created last week can get approved for Adsense?
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    Ok, so there aren't any specific rules about this, and Googles search algorithm is changing all the time so whatever the answer would be it would be constantly varying.

    I am a strong believer in not only having enough content before placing ads, but also letting the site age and develop strong rankings before placing some ads in subtle locations.

    For example, when I am creating a new website I create at least around 8 full pages of quality topical content (depending on niche) and then target each page for their own set of relevant keywords.

    I then wait 2-3 months while continuing to add more content, blog posts, contribute to forums, social media, and generally build up a strong authority and consistent traffic-flow through natural search and referrals before I even think about where and when to place adsense ads.

    When I do place ads I make sure they are in discrete locations and then I closely monitor all traffic, rankings, and CTRs to ensure visitors are using the ads to improve their search experience within my niche.
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    Alright thanks alot for the reply just to seek help can I pm you the link of my blog to get a bit more assistance?
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