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Hey all, question for you all on keyword density and making sure you have enough keyword density in your articles without the articles starting to look spammy!

I got SEO presssor a week ago, had a hard time trying to get to the 3% keyword density and 100% score. I mean you can do it, but then the article gets to look a little spammy with you saying your keyword over and over and over again. Anyone else ran into that issue?

I used a HTML code to hide text and also added keyword and alt tags in the form of my keyword for pictures which eventually got me to that 3% number. Does anyone know if by adding a couple hidden text keywords if that hurts you or not in Google's eyes?

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    I never go with keyword density above 2%. Never. Sometimes i get good rankings with even 1%. 1 thing is on-page SEO, another thing is off-page. Tons of backlinks will rank even sites with keyword density below 1%.

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      Do not hide your text. That is a really big no no. I am assuming that you are doing this by making the text the same color as the background.

      Keyword density is not as relevant these days as using LSI words and phrases or terms from google suggest or the wonder wheel. For sure you do not want to make your text sound weird by stuffing it full of keywords in an effort to increase your keyword density.

      Just write your content like you were talking about the subject. DOn't push to reach some sort of limit on keyword density.

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  • Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe 3% is the max, isn't it?

    And do not use hidden text. That is a huge, huge no-no!
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    Thanks all for the info, I had a feeling the hidden text wasn't a good ideas, you know when your doing something you know doesn't feel right it should be done lol, so my assumptions were correct. I just had read in a couple recent WSO's to get the keyword density on SEO Pressor to 3%, which seemed high but I was trying to hit it. 2% is much easier, especially if you put 2-3 pics in the article that has the keyword in them

    JMichaelZ - Where do I learn more about how to incorp the LSI in my article posts? Getting 100% score in SEO Pressor already taught me a lot, if using LSI would help I would be interested in learning about that as well

    Big thanks to you all
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    When the Ezine Articles directory was the darling of Google, they would not accept any article that had more than a 2% density.

    I took that as a cue for me to not go over 2% if I wanted Google's attention.
    After adopting that 2% standard, all of my content starting ranking better on Google.

    Don't use hidden text. It was one of the first things that Google went after when they started out in 1997. Not only will it affect your rankings, but your domain can be banned by Google if they think that you are trying to scam their bots.
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