How the hell is this website ranking?

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Hey guys
If you do this this search on, the number 2 website is Kangaroo Studies. I'm so confused as to why this is #2 as it doesn't even have the word 'emigrate' anywhere on the site. I checked their backlinks, and there isn't any anchor text with 'emigrate to new zealand' either. Any ideas as to how they got this ranking? I see they have a lot of links from edu domains. Has this resulted in a high level of domain trust, and maybe thematically google has decided that this site is relevant, even though actual onpage and offpage seo doesn't mention these terms?

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    Because emigrate is a word that is just not used.
    The site ranks for new zealand. That's what google thinks you
    want. Info on new zealand. Immigration to new zealand
    that it is. Look deep. You'll find info on immigration.

    I can't fathom how anyone would search for emigrate to new zealand.
    Do a search for rod iron then think about that. Rod iron
    makes no sense. Google assumes you are searching for something
    real. So it gives you something it thinks is as real as it gets.

    Google is basically ignoring a useless word like emigrate.
    It seriously does not know what to do with it. So it
    ignores it, giving you what it thinks you really want.


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