Does Building Internal Links Help SEO?

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I always make it a practice to chose 1-3 keywords that I am targeting and include at least one of them in each of my blog posts.

I then link that keyword back to the home page or a relevant page within my site.

However, I do not know if it is the keyword linking or the creation of consistently new content that is benefiting my site.

Any opinions on this?
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    Hi kfugere,

    Yes, internal links are part of the link graph just as any other backlink. They have beneficial effects in the use of anchortext on your page relevancy scores as well as allowing PageRank to flow through your website.
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    Well yeah. A lot of bloggers recommend you interlink your articles.
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      Internal links are some of the best and easiest backlinks you
      can get.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    cross linking is very important and the content and the linking both will help in the ranking process. Establishing authority with your website is crucial if you want to dominate your niche...

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    Yeah definitely. Just look at Wikipedia...

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    Over the years there have been some live internal linking experiments within the Warrior Forum itself, and it was proven to be beneficial in terms of keyword ranking in the SERPs.
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    Its very important to link between pages for user navigation and crawlability (make sure the search engines index it).

    I also recommend deep linking from other sites to pages aside from your main index page, it will help your entire site to rank better and also help your sub pages, which generally target a slightly different or more specific search term, rank better as well.
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    Your focus should be on helping your site visitors and use internal links to help them understand the topic they are searching. This will naturally impress search engines

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    Yes .. it helps a lot .. internat links are a major factor and you should pay close attention to it.

    I also have been noticing lately that google gives a lot more value to internal link building
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      I appreciate the feedback from everyone and very happy with the answers as it is 50% of my business.


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    Yup, its a very powerful factor for linking inside the content. According to the search engines relevant links within content ranks higher in the order of importance. Apply deep links into your blog content, this will allow the spiders to crawl deeper throughout your blog or website.
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    Yes of course, Link building help in SEO but the links should be from relevant websites and also from high PR pages.
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    Yes, very much.

    Internal links are the only links you have full control over, so make the most of them!

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    Internal links will help your site's promotions and also it gains quality backlinks.
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