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Hi I was just wondering if anyone is still using LinxBoss and if it is working for them? I have read alot of threads about it but they seem to be older. Has it lost it's effectiveness with the Panda update? Thanks
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    It is really hard to judge the effectiveness of any sort of link since no one builds just 1 kind of link, but linxboss over all is a good service. I subscribe and unsubscribe regularly when I receive windfalls.Their customer service is accommodating and OK with my regular subscribe / unsubscribing. For low to medium competition sites, it definitely helps. I checked one site today that was in linxboss for like 2 months and it had 15 links in yahoo. Most pr0, a few pr1's and 2's.

    I think it can help and the autopilot effect of linxboss is a big deal, BUT, if you are on a budget, stick to free methods. If you are serious and have an SEO budget, linxboss is probably a good option to add to your overall repertoire.
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  • They seem to have a good reputation. I would try them out for yourself and see.

    Try doing this... Build links to 1 page on your website/blog targeting 1 keyword and don't use any other methods for this page/keyword.

    Then monitor the results. You'll easily be able to see how effective it really is and judge for yourself.

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    I used it for a while - its was useless.
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    It depends man.. if you are targeting small competition keywords they might work..

    However I've heard some people complaining about them lately..

    I guess the best option is to just test them .. but don't expect ranking for high competition keywords
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      Originally Posted by CoolCaesar View Post

      It depends man.. if you are targeting small competition keywords they might work.
      I was and only using linkboss and left it to run for a few months and it did not work. When I use all the different backlink checkers nothing that looked like a backlink from them now shows up.
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    Thats what I think also.
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    I used Linxboss for 6 months, but I did all kinds of other work as well I did not see much improvement if any that could be attributed to the service. I cancelled and nothing changed (trying BMR now) which is more telling than anything else IMO.
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      Originally Posted by ONEWOLF View Post

      I used Linxboss for 6 months, but I did all kinds of other work as well I did not see much improvement if any that could be attributed to the service. I cancelled and nothing changed (trying BMR now) which is more telling than anything else IMO.
      They don't remove your links when you cancel, so why would anything change?
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      • It works but is not a miracle worker. I have used it for almost a year on 50+ sites. I have reached rank #1 for many keywords. I do a lot of other off page as well. It does seem to work but on med to tough competition kws you have to apply additional strategies. For what I spend each month I was hoping for a little bit better customer service and more measurable work as there is no way to confirm you are getting 200 links per month. I'm open to alternatives, any ideas? I say it is worth testing and be patient as it will take 30-60 days for changes to become evident. I believe if they added more and diversified the link types it would become much more effective.

        PS- My experience: Though they don't remove links when you bail, in MANY cases your rankings will go down as google sees that link generation come to an end.

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          I have used linxboss for about 15 weeks and I definitely see some positive movement in my page postions. You must however be patient and your pages may actually lose position before they gain.

          Question for you guys smarter than me:

          Because of limitations of their system, a top level domain can only be entered once. However, I need to promote pages within a top level domain.

          If I get a url from say that points to my actual page, and enter the tinyurl into linxboss, I can only do that once because will be the top level domain that I can only enter once.

          So what I really need is a bunch of domains (that don't need to actually exist) that point to various subpages with my top level domain.
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            one more question - because I am happy with linxboos, I am looking for additional similar services. Does anyone know of any that do the same slow link building?
            By the way, it occurred to me, based on the feedback on this post, that linxboss may work for some and not for others based on competitiveness of keywords. Mine are low to medium (medium meaning up to 60,000 searches monthly based on google keyword tool) and linxboss appears to work. I have not tried for a very competitive keyword and I would suspect it would b insufficient.
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    I heard positive result with linxboss, however I haven't tried them myself. I heard people is comparing this with linkvana because of their price ....

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    Hi guys, I have used Linxboss for awhile and it's useful background noise when it comes to low competition keywords.

    Regarding Bob's question: you'll have to do the backlinking for your other pages by hand!

    Has anyone experienced problems with the rank checker service? I have not recieved new ranking results from them in over 10 days!
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    Don't quote me on this, but I've heard that they use scraped content and that their blog network was affected and downgraded after the Google Farmer/Panda update.

    I did hear that they were pretty effective in the past though.
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    i used it for only 2 months. In that time 80% of the urls i fed in went down hundreds and thousands of positions in the serps. about 20% of the urls saw a modest 2-4 position improvement in the serps.

    Also, my sites that i used linxboss with have dropped out of the serps completely as if blackballed. I cant prove it was linxboss, but i wasnt doing anything else with those sites.
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    One of my friend used LinkBoss and he was not happy with the result. He was able to get few links through Yahoo Explorer but many of them were from PR0 blog. I never use them after knowing his experience.

    I prefer BMR though it costly in terms of time and it's requirements.
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    It does help my rankings. been using it for many months.
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