June 2 - CTR Dropped like a Stone U2?

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Today my CTR fell like a stone and sometimes an hour later showing no clicks - which for my avg aprox 80 a day account is strange - my friend with a similar account said the same - anyone else finding this?
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    Yes i had an odd hole in earnings today, untypical compared to the past days.
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    Mine and My friend's account dropped 40% CTR and also CPM your CPM also? (Total Earnings)
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      Yes - my CPM generally follows my CTR - I think somethings up with Adsense reporting
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    Day ended better jumped about 20 in less than an hour -seems that reporting caught up
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    Had a weird start to the day, but ended up right around our averages across the board. The less sites/traffic you have, the more you'll see changes in earnings, CTR, CPC, etc.
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    Same weird things to my account also. Starting with 1st of June my CTR decreased a lot also a lot of my clicks are not showed up in my AdSense account. Maybe are invalid but I doubt of it.
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