Anyone Using Backlink Energizer and Backlink Booster?

by SPC
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Heard some good things about the two. Anyone see any good results from the two?
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    Haha! I just asked a really similar question myself today! (

    Have not got many responses yet though.

    I am using now (is that the one you mean? There are two with the same name I think). It has been a few days and I have not seen any benefit yet - but when/if I do, I will remember to let you know.


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    This is so funny! Keep me updated if you get any info
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    I use it and I don't really notice any good results. If you go check my post history, you'll see my site was hit hard at Panda,and getting worse everyday. I am not saying BLE is the cause, but my site has regressed for whatever reason. It can't be for poor content or not enough links because my site is top quality. I spent half the day checking for other people stealing my content and filed 6 complaints to webmasters, only 1,293 more to go....

    (might be all the thieves stealing my content that is have a negative affect on my blog)

    My clusters keep getting banned. Only a few are active. I pretty much gave up on making new clusters because they'll just get banned again.

    My Guitar Website | My SEO Blog - Advertising spots available.

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    I got a few responses on my post, but I also found this one - hope it may be some use in your research...


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